Add impact to your paper or promotional piece with the professional look and feel of a steel die-cut product.



Whether you need a die for a custom fold carton, medical or other packaging, Rule One has a reputation for rapid delivery of high quality tolerance dies manufactured to your exact specifications.


Folding Box

Need a Pillow Pack, Straight or Reverse Tuck or other folding box design? We offer custom carton dies to meet your specifications.

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Precision Steel Rule Die Products for Business and Industry

High quality tolerance in every steel rule die we manufacture

Our firm manufactures unique steel rule dies to suit your specifications and your substrate.  As an established steel rule die maker with a reputation for excellence and reliable delivery, we have more than 40 years experience with materials that include:

  • Foam: When you need a foam cutting die, we engineer case inserts, high dies, contours and shaping dies.
  • Folding box: We offer folding box dies and corrugated dies precisely manufactured for virtually any size carton or packaging.
  • Gasket manufacturing: We create high performance and transparent base gasket dies and seals from rubber, foam, paper and other materials.
  • Packaging: With focused experience in industrial and commercial packaging, Rule One offers sample and gang run boxes, unique packaging and computer-aided design services, including layout and mylar overlays.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Our firm can help you with all phases of package and medical packing dies.
  • Printing: Rule One creates laser or machined dies for folders, packaging with windows and  dimensional pop-ups.
  • Specialty dies: We expertly design and manufacture  scrapbook dies and greeting card dies that provide a finished look to your product.
  • Vacuum forming: When you need high dies, floating dies, bolted, welded or other intricate dies, we can help.

Work you can trust at a price you can afford

When you work with Rule One, you are guaranteed personal service, experienced CAD CAM design capabilities, competitive pricing, high quality tolerances in every die – and a delivery time you can trust.

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When You Have Exacting Steel Rule Die Needs, Speak With Rule One In New Jersey

Precision tools and satisfied clients are our business.  When you need a machined die or prototype, Rule One delivers on time—whether you live in California, Georgia, New York or elsewhere in the world. Contact us today.